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Trying it Natural

Natural Relaxation
Rejuvenate the body
The Many Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide-Truth! Fiction! & Unproven
Essential oils.
Home remides and more

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 This  website  offers reading for anyone seeking natural  relaxation   to aid in reducing stess .
Along with long forgotten tips used from natural ingredients 
 for beauty products. 
                                   and cleaning  
 So many think to truely relax a massage is needed but there are other natural energy techinques that can be done. Set aside 15/20 minutes once a day to unwind with.
 Deep Breathing
Tai Chi
Yoga   to name a few
As any excerise when practiced regularly,  you gain a reduction in your everyday stress levels and so much more.
     Would like to start by thanking you for  checking out our web-site Trying it Natural . This web-site offers techniques that can be done by oneself or can be  administered  by a technician.
           At this time we are offering a 3 day program to assist  in learning  and experiancing  natural  energy techniques as in  meditation ,  reflexology and visualization.
    $20 -1 hour includes  Hand/ Reflexology  and visualization & Meditation
      $40 - 1.5 hour  includes  Hand/&  Feet/ Reflexology and visualization & Meditation
    3 day program  $40 - includes 3 days a week  1  hour   Hand/ reflexology , visualization & Meditation
,20%discount for city/state employees,senior,students
                                           We are mobile so we can visit you in the confort of your own home.
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 A Natural Technique
   There are so many long forgotten natural / energy techniques  that   benefits  the body, mind and spirit in so many ways . They were once used for only the royalty, King and Queen and family. And over 100's of years it has been discarded and done away with . Now Science as began to prove that many of  these techniques truly are benefitul to our lives.
        My mission is to offer this web site to others that   are seeking  information that they can add into their daily life.
  From  coping with a stressful day    to
  getting that  stain out of that faviorte outfit.
 Copping with stress;
    The massage has always carriered the reputation for the cure/help with stress.I t is also known as being a luxurious/ expense that one only treats friends ,famliy and onesself on holidays / birthday.
 Stress is something most people deal with on a regular base. Some cant even get trough a day with out worrying about something that elevate their
  blood presser.  Some will begain  looking for soluations.they can learn  to unwind  with  an ways to learn how to relax.
When using any form of natural  relaxation wather one chooses full body massage or an energy technique `
      If praticed on a regular base one will see some remarcable chages with in thierself.
 What is so wonderful  is there or many to incorperate into your life of these techniques .And  could be done by oneself . Or like any other relaxation fucility it can be paid for,form anywere from 100 and above to   a great deal less.

           Beauty tips
Keep a bottle of witch hazel under your bathroom sink. It is a natural toner for the skin and costs less than the name brands you find in stores.  A sliced cucumber from the fridge will reduce the swelling of puffy eyes in the morning. Instead of expensive makeup removers, use olive oil and a cotton balls.
Dry Hand Tips: Dry skin plagues most of us, especially in the winter time. If you are suffering from dry skin, use a hydrating lotion on your hands. You should also apply lotion and wear plastic gloves when washing dishes. The warmth of the water will help the lotion to absorb better, leaving your hands soft and supple
I always liked to use a vinegar rinse in my hair.  It gets rid of any shampoo residue and brings a nice shine.  After you shampoo and rinse your hair, pour a cupful of diluted vinegar through your hair.  Rinse thoroughly.  Apply conditioner and rinse.  Be careful not to get the vinegar in your eyes!

A few drops of olive oil added to hard water will make the soap lather better and keep the skin from getting rough

Pots and pans that are stained can be cleaned with white vinegar, let soak for thirty or so minutes then rinse in hot soapy water

Try ketchup to clean copper pots and pans and you'll be surprised

Grime and grease on a glass oven door can be removed with baking soda on a damp cloth

Window cleaner is great for cleaning appliances, then polish with furniture polish

A simple, natural, effortless technique practiced 15–20 minutes twice daily while sitting comfortably with eyes closedTaking a few deep breaths to get ya started slowing the body and mind down. Then while relaxed and eyes close say  eather out loud to to yourself  say : Relax eyes relax:
 , medititate on that over and over a you will fell  renewd and re fresh.


the Twisted Chimney

Reading for anyone seeking Natural well- being, My mission is to help reduce stress. The publication of this information doesnt constitute the practice of medicine and doesnt replace the advice of your physician or health care provider.

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